As1- blog post-production notes

Assignment 1- blog formatted post-production notes


Sharaya Peterson

Description of shoot:

        For my product shot, I am going to shoot an advertisement for a Fantasy producer creating a short film. The film is about an unsuspecting woman with high ambitions that gets trapped in her dreamland by a Voodoo Master trying to convince her to make a deal with him.

Final Image:

As1-Product KO-Twisted Tale the 2nd - Print.jpg

Internet Research Images:


This is going to be the base of the advertising image. I will have the subject taking up the majority of the frame. The globe will be in the bottom Left corner and I will post the second shoot of the female subject in the globe. I will be using fairly hard light on the subject with a colored rim light and a colored background with falloff.

Lighting and technical:Lighting_Setup-Villain-L10.jpg

I used a green gel on the background set to 1 stop below my base exposure and a purple gel over the hairlight set to 2 stops above base. I going to light him with close to side lighting with a 4:1 ratio. I will set my base metering to 5.6 so I can get him in focus and start to lose texture by the time the background shows, so you just see the color falloff.


My female subject will be dressed in a shiny dress with a pale shall. I am going to use large source butterfly lighting on her laying across a couch. I am going to line the background with shiny gold sashes and shoot it as a low depth, high key image to really push the happy and  fancy feel of the dream she’s in.

Lighting and Technical:


For this shot, I set my aperture to 4. My key light was half a stop brighter and fell off over the length of her body across the couch. I used the hairlight to simply provide separation from the background at one stop brighter than base. I used a white wall, so my background light was set to my base just to pop the brightness of the gold.


I decided to shoot the snowglobe separately and post it into the image over the original being held by my main subject. I will take another shot of him holding the staff below to make it look like it is attached. I am going to post the high key image of the female subject inside the globe.

Lighting and Technical:Lighting_Setup-Snowglobe.jpg

I will use 2 profoto lights to bounce light onto the background bringing it up to white. I will shoot at f11 for clarity and sharpness. The strip bank on the profoto in the front will be adjusted to show enough of the front of the globe but not highlight too much of the glass. I may do a shot without the light on and then post the specular highlight out if I don’t like it.


Overall, I really enjoyed this project. Working with the subjects was fun and I really took the time to push myself in digital editing. There are still things that I would like to change, such as the highlight across his hand and the expression on his face could have been a bit more sinister, but overall, I pushed myself to create something out of boundaries and I accomplished it at a decent level.

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