As2- Still Life- blog post-production notes

As2- Stylized Still Life- blog formatted pre-production notes


Sharaya Peterson

Description of shoot:

For my stylized still life, I shot a farm to table style image that can be used to represent a small cafe or restaurant. My point is to show off the freshness and local quality of their business. I kept it low key with nice highlights on the food and a focus trail that keeps you in the image. I had a dark wood surface and some fresh vegetables set on a wood serving board with three glass dishes filled with salt, pepper, and oil and a cast iron skillet set in the background.

Final Image:

As2- Still Life- Farm to Table-133-L10-2.jpg

Lighting and Technical: Actual

I took a high camera position with a low angle to get eliminate a horizon line. I used a softbox over the top as a fill and I used four Profoto lights to the right to skim highlights across the scene. I set my camera to f11 and my fill to f8. My highlights varied from f11 to f16 and I used a blocker board on the back light to control the spill on the light wood of the cutting board.

Internet Research Images:

300_qxdqayvy3h.png  image.png

I like the glass dishes with some of the spices in it, I don’t like the light quality or the fact that it’s so out of focus that you can’t tell what the black goo is.

I like the use of burlap to give the home fashioned feel, but i really dislike the stained composite board.


In this cluster of images, I just enjoy the low key, moody feel to all of them, the background gives some insight on where the items would be but the items themselves are what truly stand out and draw your attention.


These three just serve as inspiration of subject matter that I could include to give a sense of place.

Lighting and technical: Proposed

I’m going to take a high view low angle approach so you don’t see a horizon line in the image. I’m going to keep a wide open aperture so I can have the vegetables crisp and then falling off towards the background. I’m going to create my set and then I will change lighting scenarios without changing my camera so I can mask them together. I will use a large diffused light for the fill on the glassware and then I will use a reflector as the fill so that I can produce a vignette effect. The key light will stay a reflector with a diffuser so I can control the quality of light.

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