As4 blog post-production notes

As4- Art for Commerce- blog formatted post-production notes


Sharaya Peterson

Description of shoot:

For my art for commerce, I am going to shoot a fashion shot that has Large Flashy rings and a sun hat. This image could be used as a fashion advertisement for many different fashion lines or perfumes. I will have a model in a black top with a light colored sun hat, light colored beauty gloves and large rings over the gloves. She will only be seen from the shoulders up with no eyes for added mystery and intrigue.

Actual Image:

Striped hat-93-L10.jpg

Lighting and Technical: Actual

For this image I wanted to get a sense of mystery but leave everything nice and bright, so I set the background to 2 stops brighter than base and kept the rest at normal exposure except the fill light was a stop and a half under base. I shot at f8 to get the model and the rings and hat in focus. The light above the model was a highlight for the hat that was set to normal exposure because of the brightness of the sun hat.

Internet Research Images:

63b505f0-d292-0132-bfb0-0a13eebe068d.jpg portrait-of-attractive-sensual-young-woman-in-black-widebrimmed-hat-picture-id476370715

In these top two, I don’t love the images but they give me pose ideas.

In the lower two, I love them both, they are simple and controlled with full tonal ranges. I really love the spotlight on the background to help pop the hat.

a8b61d500e84e3164b1c1afb46494a41.jpg every-day-chic-7.jpg

This image is going to have to be a composite for now if I add it to the list. But the lighting is beautiful, the pose is classy and seductive and it sells everything she’s wearing!

This image is also a high priority when it comes to paying attention to the lighting. The fill is placed perfectly to keep the shadowed ratio under the hat to a soft normal looking 3:1.

Lighting and technical: Striped hat Proposed

I’m going to have a blue gel on the background set to 1 stop above my base exposure to get a sky color and gradient. I’m going to light my subject with a beauty dish mocking sunlight with a fill card creating a 5:1 ratio. I will set my base metering to f11 so I can get her in focus and have some room in how I want to meter the lighting. I may use

Lighting and Technical: Classic hat- High key Proposed

For this shot, I will set my aperture to f8. My key light will be set to f8 and my fill will be set to 5.6 which will add to my highlights and fill in my shadows, mainly under the hat. I will use a small grid spot light to highlight the rim of the hat and black gobos on the side to create separation from the background. My background light will be one and a half stops brighter than base to turn my grey into a white.

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