As3 blog post-production notes

As3- Illustrative Art for Commerce- blog formatted post-production notes


Sharaya Peterson

Description of shoot:

For my illustrative art for commerce, I am going to shoot a fashion shot that has strong colored flowy fabrics. I will use this image as a fashion advertisement that stresses the color palette and flowing comfortable style for a Spring fashion line. I will have a model in a teal skirt with a dark purple lace wrapped around her top. I will also have some gold glitter patterned on her skin and a peacock mask covering most of her face.

Final Image:

Peacock Model- Grace-176-L10.jpg

Lighting and Technical: Actual

The plan with this shot was to get an interesting low key lighting scenario in the background that would help pop the pale model as the center of interest. I had a really hard time accomplishing this with the curvature of the cove and the angle I was taking. I could have changed everything if time wasn’t an issue, but I had to move forward, so I improved using colored gels over the two background lights. I used the octobox as a fill to help get light throughout the fabric and took many shots with the fabric flowing in different ways. In post production I cut the fabric out of multiple images and stacked it on the base pose I wanted.


Internet Research Images:


With these three images, I get ideas on how I could play with the fabric to make it look similar to that of a peacock. I have never played with the flowy fabric before so seeing a couple different ways on how you can make the fabric look larger and help fill the frame is helpful. I am going to leave the background dark gray for now so I can cut the model out later and add a landscape in.


Color Palette:

dc621788f251da997a1e1b82c97a0aa2.jpg c8d92e7adbb0dbbbd39f488dd1568c54.jpg

The left is going to be the color pallet I will be sticking to with gold as well.

The image on the right is what I don’t want this to come out looking like… I think they took the concept of a bird a little too awkwardly…

Lighting and technical: Proposed

For this shoot, I want some light scraping across the background, one at a high to low and the other at a mid to low angle both with 20 degree grids. I want an octobox to be the key and another as the fill to try to get as much light on the fabric and since it will be flowing, I don’t want to have to worry about moving the lights. I am going to shoot at f11 to get everything nice and sharp and the background will be metered to f8 in the middle on either light.

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