As5 blog post-production note

As5- Portfolio Image- blog formatted pre-production notes


Sharaya Peterson

Description of shoot:

For this shoot, I will be adding a food shot to even out my portfolio. I want a delicious dish represented in small pieces stacked up on a large bbq fork. I will have grilled pineapple along with other fresh fruit and mint to finish it off. I will have a dark background with a highlight right behind the subject. I am going to shoot this at f11 to leave room to work with the lights and get them in close.

Final Image:

Food Shot-39 - Print.jpg

Lighting and technical: Actual

The set up for this image was realized when I completed a small model car shoot and really worked with wrapping light through scattering and diffusion panels. I used four lights, two diffusion panels, a small reflector card and a colored gel. For the background, I used a colored gel on the profoto light towards the right of the subject and a 3 degree grid spot pointed right behind the subject to get a brighter small circle. For the subject, I lit it from the back and the right side with a little extra help from the two diffusion flats to spread and soften the light and I brought the texture out through a profoto with a ten degree grid scraping light across from the bottom left hand side. I used a thin white card positioned to the right of the camera to reflect the diffused light onto the far right side of the fork to create a highlight.

Critique and analysis:

This was the first time I had truly had to be my own food stylist. It was a very interesting process and pushed the shoot longer than usual. I learned a few pro tips for future, like why they tell you to use olive oil instead of other oils, like coconut that solidifies when it gets below room temperature… although, when you do make that mistake you can fix it with a blow dryer! I had a really great time with this shoot, and with the help of my instructor, I think it turned out pretty well. You learn as you go, and this shot was definitely a learning experience.

Internet Research Images:

Cheese Dripping on Veggie  

I enjoy the bright colors on this, but I am not a fan of the lighting. You can’t even see the fork very well.

On the right, I like the idea of a larger BBQ fork, it would give you more space to work with. Again, I’m not a fan of the lighting on the fork, it’s too bright.

I enjoy the dark background with the highlighted spot right behind your subject, it really pulls your eye in. I like the highlight along the side of the fork, but I don’t like the reflection of the food. Using a bbq fork should cut down on the curve so you shouldn’t see as much of a reflection.

Lighting and technical: Proposed

I’m going to set the background to 1 stop under my base exposure and use a 3 degree grid to get a small spot of light behind my subject, and the rest will be gradient. I’m going to light my subject with a reflector and a diffusion flat for a nice contrasting light for the subject but a smooth highlight on the fork. I will add a black card blocking any spill to the background. I will set my base metering to f11 so I can get the food lit well up close for a nice even highlight over the reflective metal.

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