Fashion- As1 blog post-production notes

As1- Portfolio Image- blog formatted pre-production notes


Sharaya Peterson

Description of shoot:

For this shoot, I am aiming for a nail advertisement. It will be an illustrative art for commerce shoot. I am going to take a headshot of a model with her nails done in a Picasso style, with bright vivid colors. She will have nice strong, black lines drawn on her pale face with her hair slicked back. She will be in front of a canvas background that I will scrape light across to get a good amount of texture.

Internet Research Images:

  232_e2soTG2lEo  232_LSzjruNIEA

These images are research for the style of lines we will draw on the model’s face. As well as her slicked back hairstyle and potential clothing choices.

232_q9Nl7MFfOh  image1.jpeg  232_il1hp45bu9.jpeg

These are shots representing what the lines might look like on a model.

232__e1kU2qS8C  232_DuwB-t-yN1  

I like the clothing and the hair and makeup in the image on the left. I like the lighting ratios and contrast in the center image and I like the framing in the image on the left. I will try all of the hand positions to see which highlights the nails best.

Lighting and technical: Proposed

I’m going to set the background to 1 stop under my base exposure and use a 3 degree grid to get a small spot of light behind my subject, and the rest will be gradient. I’m going to light my subject with a reflector and a diffusion flat for a nice contrasting light for the subject but a smooth highlight on the fork. I will add a black card blocking any spill to the background. I will set my base metering to f11 so I can get the food lit well up close for a nice even highlight over the reflective metal.


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